EP// 13- Speak Life

The words we use either breathe life into each other or suck the life out. In this episode, we talk about how to capture hurtful words before we speak them and how to create a climate of peace in our home.  Discussed in today’s episode: – A family member returns! – “Lightning Round” with Colby. […]

“Near to the Brokenhearted”

I’ll never forget the look on Daniel’s face as I wrapped the towel around me after having taken a shower on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, 2012. You never forget the moment you hear words that brutally shake the world as you have known it. Or when you get “that” call, or have a […]

EP// 12: Walking through Loss- Interview with Jeff & Jody Bumgardner.

Death is an unavoidable part of life but we’re still devastated when it touches our lives. In today’s episode we have a transparent conversation with Worship Pastor, author, and Dove Award-winning songwriter, Jeff Bumgardner and his wife Jody, who lost their ten-year-old daughter unexpectedly to an Arteriovenous Malformation.  Discussed in today’s episode: -Losing Ella -What […]


We’re sitting at home writing this on a weekday with our ten and eight-year-old doing school assignments online. Today marks the beginning of a two-week Coronavirus quarantine of our school system here in Paulding County, Georgia. It seemed a little drastic when we first heard about it. But, when we really investigated the reasons for […]

EP// 11: Need for Quarantine

In a week of an unprecedented quarantine, marital communications will likely be put to the test! In today’s episode, we talk about how to take a time-out from relational conflict so you have the best chance of resolving arguments in a healthy manner. Discussed in today’s episode: -Coronavirus quarantine -“Lightning Round”-Quarantine Edition –Proverbs 15:1 -5 […]

We are SO Different!

When we were dating and getting to know each other, we thought we were just alike. We both loved Jesus, our families, and the outdoors. We had similar dreams for the future and for what we were looking for in a spouse. So, after a week of spending every spare moment together that we weren’t […]

EP// 10: We Are So Different!

He is organized. She’s a hot mess! She’s the life of the party, and he just wants to stay in at night. Could we be any more different? In this episode, we discuss how our differences can either make us stronger or drive us crazy! Discussed in today’s episode: -We typically marry someone completely different […]

Think on These Things

We are usually cautious about what we allow our ten and eight-year-old to watch on TV. They often ask why they can’t watch some of the movies or shows that their friends are watching. A few weeks ago, we were flipping through channels and landed on the movie, Titanic. We happened to tune in about […]

EP// 9: Think On These Things

TV, music, social media… what we dwell on affects our attitude, then forms our belief system, which affects our actions. In this episode we discuss the importance of filtering the content that we allow to come into our lives and the guidelines God gives us. Discussed on today’s episode: -Share your adventures with us. #themarriageadventurechallenge […]

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