Casualties at War

Both mine and Bonnie’s grandfathers fought in WWII. Bonnie’s grandfather was a gunner on a B17 Bomber. During one of their missions, his plane was shot down. His crew was captured, and they spent time as a POW in a prison camp. My granddad was a paratrooper. Once, after jumping out of a plane, a […]

EP//21 Fighting Fair- Part 1

Conflict and arguing is inevitable in marriage and can actually be productive if handled in the right way. In this two-part episode, we talk about some biblical guidelines that will help us fight fair. Discussed in today’s episode: -Is it okay to fight? -“Call a Kid” -Ephesians 4:25-32 -Speaking the truth in love. -Choosing our […]

My Spouse is Changing Without Me

Several years ago, Daniel came to me to tell me that he felt led to go back to school to work on his Master’s degree. He had a fire in his belly and was excited about the challenge of taking classes online and working toward a goal. This seemed like it was coming from out […]

EP// 20: My Spouse is Changing

What happens to a marriage when one of the spouses begins to go through a dramatic change and the other isn’t? This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, it’s typically stressful. Discussed on today’s episode: -Kane West’s conversion. -3 types of change. -“Things I never said before having kids…” […]

Committed to “Us”

I (Daniel) started playing football when I was little.  Well…at that point in my life I wasn’t exactly little.  Little Debbie was one of my best friends!  I loved the game and was a natural fit for playing the position of Center since I weighed close to 200 pounds in eighth grade. However, when I […]

EP//19 Commitment- Part 2

Part two of a two-episode discussion on commitment. In this episode, we talk about the roles dedication, priorities, and safety play in the commitment we’ve made to our spouse. Discussed in today’s episode: -Bonnie’s dreams of being married to someone else. -Daniel’s commitment to football. -Seriously Funny Dad Jokes -Can constraint commitment be healthy? -The […]

Nailing Our Colors to the Mast

When we stood at an altar in front of our friends and family almost twenty-four years ago and said, “I do,” we had little idea what we were actually committing to. We vowed to stay together under all circumstances, “for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health…” For […]

EP//18- Commitment Part 1

Part one of a two-episode discussion on commitment. In this episode, we explore the ideas of feeling vs choice and contract vs covenant in marriage. Discussed in today’s episode: -A lost concept in today’s society. -The Marriage Adventure Challenge -The role feelings play in our commitment. -The difference between contract and covenant and which one […]

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