EP// 26: 12 Things Happy Couples Do- Part 2

Is “happily ever after” possible, or just a fairy tale? Today, in this second part of two episodes, we discuss the next six out of twelve things happy couples do on a regular basis. Discussed in today’s episode: – Happy 24th Anniversary to us! – “Things I Never Said Before I Had Kids” – Talking […]

Shiny Happy People

Many years ago we were watching a video curriculum with our couples’ small group. The speaker made a point that initially stung us that we have mulled over and over ever since. He said that marriage was never intended to make you happy. It was designed to make you holy. Since my marriage has been […]

EP// 25: 12 Things Happy Couples Do- Part 1

When most people get married they are certain their happiest days are ahead. This may or may not be the case in marriage. Today, in this part one of two episodes, we discuss the first six out of twelve things happy couples do on a regular basis. Discussed in today’s episode: -Little things that make […]

5 Things We Learned from an Interracial Couple

In the days and weeks that have followed the video circulating of the brutal murder of George Floyd, our nation has been collectively horrified. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, eyes turned to social media and news mediums to see demonstrators of both peaceful protests and violent riots expressing outrage. Racial tensions could no longer be ignored. […]

Keeping your Marriage on Mission

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse. It has allowed us to connect with long lost friends as well as stay connected to current ones. However, many times we fall into the trap of comparison. We see all the best moments of our friend’s lives and none of the mundane. After all, […]

EP// 23: Juan & Melodee DeVevo of Casting Crowns

What’s it like to be married and on tour with a world-famous Christian music group? In today’s episode, we interview Juan and Melodee DeVevo from Casting Crowns and talk about their relationship, ministry, and the crazy life of a marriage on tour! Discussed in today’s episode: – Putting together a band. – “Lighting Round with […]

Don’t Be Mean

Though I don’t have any idea what I was so upset about at the time, I will never forget something that happened during our second year of marriage. We were living in a single-wide trailer, and I vividly remember sitting on our bed and being so angry I might explode. That’s when I screamed something […]

EP// 22: Fighting Fair- Part 2

In marital conflict, learning to fight fair can be the difference between healthy resolution and all-out war. In part 2 of this two-part episode, we continue our discussion on Biblical rules for fighting. Discussed in today’s episode: – Ephesians 4:32-32 – Seriously Funny Dad Jokes – Be kind and tenderhearted toward each other. – Is […]

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