EP//BONUS: The End of the World as We Know It

We know today’s current events greatly impact our families, possibly our marriages. But,do they have anything to do with the end of the world? If so, how should we respond to it? Discussed in today’s podcast: -Why it’s taboo to talk about the end of the age. -We’re not making predictions. (Matt. 24:36) – End […]

Coping with the “New Normal”

It’s been almost five months since our lives were turned upside down by the novel COVID-19 virus. Face masks are becoming fashion accessories, cash is accepted in fewer stores, take-out trumps dine-in, and in-person schooling is becoming a thing of the past. Welcome to the new normal! Our family has mostly held it together until […]

EP//30: 5 Healthy Coping Skills for Facing the New Normal

We are five months into the 2020 “COVID-crisis” and starting to realize life may not go back to normal. Today we draw wisdom from the imprisoned apostle Paul to uncover 5 healthy coping skills for facing our new normal. Discussed in today’s episode: -Face masks, homeschooling, and a cashless society. -Our recent meltdown. -“Call a […]

Patience Required

This summer, we set out, with the help of my (Daniel’s) brother, to teach our ten and eight-year-olds how to water ski. My brother pulled them behind his boat, while I and bobbed up and down in the water with them. One at a time, I attempted to teach them how to get up on […]

EP//29: Patience

If you’re like us, patience is something you need daily. Much like oil in the engine of a car, patience helps family relationships run more smoothly. In today’s episode, we’ll answer the question: “Why do we need patience in relationships?” Discussed in today’s podcast: – Water skiing adventure. – “Things I Never Said Before I […]

Empty Arms & Longing Hearts, Our Journey Through Infertility

When a couple begins their Marriage Adventure, they rarely have a complete picture of what they are pledging. “For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and health…” Dreams are dreamed of wedded bliss, as life is an open road before them. The perfect job, a white house with the picket […]

EP//28: Our Struggle with Infertility

After eight into marriage, we finally decided to have kids. However, God was not on board with our plan. The world was not ready for our children, and there was still so much more the Lord wanted to teach us. In today’s episode, we’ll tell the story of our 5-year infertility journey and discuss the […]

A Clean House and Manicured Lawn

About fifteen years ago, Daniel had bronchitis, so I got out and cut the grass. We had been leading worship at youth camps all summer, and the grass had gotten pretty high. As I (Bonnie) was picking up the last bag of clippings, two of our neighbors ran over to help me finish before it […]

EP// 27: Household Chores

She likes yard work and he likes to cook. Is that allowable? In today’s episode, we talk about how to divide up household chores and responsibilities. Discussed in today’s podcast: – Who thinks working outside is relaxing? – “Call a Kid” with Harlow. – Traditional vs equalitarian roles. – Dividing up the load. – Galatians […]

12 Things Happy Couples Do

By the time this posts we will have just celebrated twenty-four years of marriage! Yep! Happy anniversary to us! Realizing we’ve been married for over half of our lives has us reminiscing lately. Sometimes it feels like we’ve blinked to find ourselves married for a quarter of a century. But reflecting on seasons we’ve walked […]

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