EP// 121: Marks of a Successful Marriage, Part 1

Do you know of couples who just make marriage look easy? In part 1 of 4 episodes, we begin a discussion on the marks of a successful marriage. Discussed in this episode: – Are happy couples faking it? – Gift a marriage intensive to a couple who needs.  www.themarriageadventure.com/support – Gottman research shows that happy couples […]

EP// 111: Reviving a Dead Marriage

If God can revive a nation that has been scattered and bring them back into their land after almost two thousand years, can He revive your dead marriage? In today’s episode, we parallel God’s faithfulness to keep His promise to a nation and to us. In today’s episode: – Family devotions. – Israel’s rebirth as […]

EP// 109: Rebuilding Trust

Building trust in a relationship takes time, yet it can be lost in a moment. In today’s episode, we discuss the process of rebuilding broken trust. Discussed in today’s episode: – Repairing a broken arm. – Gifting trust vs starting at a deficit. – “Do You Know Your Gen Z Slang?” – Deal thoroughly with […]

EP//89: No Record of Wrongs

In marriage, we will inevitably disappoint or wound each other. In today’s episode, we discuss how to handle offenses and move forward in forgiveness.  In this episode: – Poor Colby! – “Do You Know Your 80’s?” – The blame game. – Is shame wrong? – The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis – Psalm 51 – […]

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