EP//114: How To Change My Spouse

Where do we start when we see our spouse is not living as their best self and affecting our marriage, children, and the people around them? In today’s episode, we discuss the power of prayer to change our spouse’s heart. Discussed in today’s episode: – Things I want to change about my spouse. – Get […]

EP// 113: Free To Be Me

In a healthy relationship, both people are free to fully be themselves and express themselves. In today’s podcast, we discuss how to encourage each other to live in our God-given “voices.” In today’s episode: – Interdependence vs codependency – Gen Z Slang – What makes you uniquely “you” – The 5 Voices Assessment – Guardian, […]

EP//112: It’s Not Fair!

In marriage, it’s common to feel like some things aren’t fair. In today’s episode, we discuss keeping score in marriage and what’s really behind “fair.” In today’s episode: – The kids keep score of chores. – What I am really saying when I say, “It’s not fair!” – Marriage Rescue Intensive – Luke 9:23-27 – […]

EP// 111: Reviving a Dead Marriage

If God can revive a nation that has been scattered and bring them back into their land after almost two thousand years, can He revive your dead marriage? In today’s episode, we parallel God’s faithfulness to keep His promise to a nation and to us. In today’s episode: – Family devotions. – Israel’s rebirth as […]

EP// 109: Rebuilding Trust

Building trust in a relationship takes time, yet it can be lost in a moment. In today’s episode, we discuss the process of rebuilding broken trust. Discussed in today’s episode: – Repairing a broken arm. – Gifting trust vs starting at a deficit. – “Do You Know Your Gen Z Slang?” – Deal thoroughly with […]

EP//107: The Shame/Blame Game

It’s often difficult to take responsibility when we’re in the middle of marital conflict. In today’s episode, we discuss the tendency to choose shaming ourselves or blaming others.  In today’s episode: – What just happened?? –Raising Emotionally Strong Boys: Tools Your Son Can Build on For Life by David Thomas –Marriage Adventure Weekend at Simple […]

EP//106: Greg & Julie Gormon Interview

Having discovered their own purpose, they now have a passion to teach and inspire other couples to live purpose-focused, rather than problem-focused. In today’s episode, we interview John Maxwell certified Coaches, teachers, and authors, Greg & Julie Gormon. In today’s episode: -A couple on mission. -Lightning Round with Greg & Julie. -Fighting passionately daily. -Change […]

EP//105: How I See Me

The world places an emphasis on self-esteem. In today’s episode, we discuss how having a proper view of ourselves through God’s eyes will affect our marriage relationship. In today’s episode: -What do you see in the mirror? -Stupid Fun Facts -How I view myself affects how I treat others. -Self-esteem vs God’s view. -Improper view […]

EP//104: How I See You

The lens we view our spouse through will affect how we treat them. In today’s episode, we ask, “What if I could see my spouse through God’s eyes?” In this episode: -Scratched glasses. -Rose-colored glasses. –Reset Intensives. -We are “image-bearers.” –Genesis 1:26-27 – How to Worship a King, by Zach Neese – 1 Cor. 6:9-11 -How would […]

EP// 99: Loving Through Touch

Does your spouse want to hold hands in public, sit close, and cuddle on the couch? Their love language is likely physical touch. In today’s episode, we discuss how to speak love through touch. In today’s episode: – Colby needs a bigger chair. – The Marriage Adventure Challenge – Loving through physical touch. – Jesus […]

EP// 94: The Extra Mile

Doing more than is expected, going above and beyond, seems like an odd concept in today’s world. In this episode, we discuss what it means to go the extra mile in our marriage relationship. Discussed in this episode: – Laying sod with a great attitude. – Doing the bare minimum. -Bonnie breaks the 4th wall!!! […]

EP//93: Mitigating the Mundane

theDiscussed in today’s episode: – Prepping taxes. – Living for the weekend…that’s even more busy. – The Marriage Adventure Challenge – We can’t escape responsibilities but we can mitigate the mundane. – The mundane ceases to be mundane if it has purpose. – Live on mission. – Matthew 28:19-2o – Proverbs 19:21 – Go against […]

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