EP// 52: When to Walk Away, Interview with Gary Thomas

Toxic relationships drain the life out of us. Wondering how to handle these people? In today’s episode, best-selling author, Gary Thomas, offers insight from his latest book, When to Walk Away, Finding Freedom From Toxic People. 

Discussed in today’s episode:
– We love a good “how you met” story!
– “Lightning Round”
– Is it Biblical to walk away?
– Matthew 8:28-9:1.
– Matthew 19:16-25
– The difference between toxic and difficult.
– Markers of a toxic person (Colossians 3:8).
– When your spouse is toxic.
– Purchase When to Walk Away, Finding Freedom From Toxic People by Gary Thomas.
– Resources from Gary Thomas at www.garythomas.com.
– Follow Gary Thomas on Twitter: @garylthomas; Facebook: Author Gary Thomas; Instagram: @garythomasbooks

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