EP//120: The Thankful Marriage

Comparison makes us miserable, while thankfulness leads to joy. In today’s episode, we discuss how to develop a grateful heart this Thanksgiving.  Discussed in this episode: – The “bat man.” – Adjust your focus. – The Law of Happiness by Dr. Henry Cloud – The 10% bump. – “Thanksgiving Fun Facts” – “Comparison is the […]

EP//116: Israel & My Marriage

We have been heartbroken watching the images coming out of Israel following the October 7th attack by Hamas. In today’s episode, we discuss what’s happening in Israel and how it relates to the marriage relationship. Discussed in today’s episode: -Israel is the same people group from the Bible. -The church has not replaced Israel. -Are […]

EP//115: Front Porch Devotions

Is the Bible still relevant for daily living? In today’s episode, we share how God’s word came alive for our family through a recent miracle. In today’s episode: – Cool weather and front porch devotions. – God still heals! – Daily investments of God’s word will begin to pay off. – Vulnerability with our kids. […]

EP// 111: Reviving a Dead Marriage

If God can revive a nation that has been scattered and bring them back into their land after almost two thousand years, can He revive your dead marriage? In today’s episode, we parallel God’s faithfulness to keep His promise to a nation and to us. In today’s episode: – Family devotions. – Israel’s rebirth as […]

EP//108: Know Your Enemy

In marital conflict, many times we allow ourselves to believe that our spouse is the enemy. However, if we dig a little deeper, we’ll see that there’s an enemy that’s way more deceptive and evil. This is why we must know our enemy! In today’s episode: -Bonnie vs the bugs –“I can’t win a war […]

EP//105: How I See Me

The world places an emphasis on self-esteem. In today’s episode, we discuss how having a proper view of ourselves through God’s eyes will affect our marriage relationship. In today’s episode: -What do you see in the mirror? -Stupid Fun Facts -How I view myself affects how I treat others. -Self-esteem vs God’s view. -Improper view […]

EP//104: How I See You

The lens we view our spouse through will affect how we treat them. In today’s episode, we ask, “What if I could see my spouse through God’s eyes?” In this episode: -Scratched glasses. -Rose-colored glasses. –Reset Intensives. -We are “image-bearers.” –Genesis 1:26-27 – How to Worship a King, by Zach Neese – 1 Cor. 6:9-11 -How would […]

EP//102: Empowered to Love

“Til death do us part” is a long time. In today’s episode we discuss how it’s possible to sustain love over a lifetime. In today’s episode: -The death of a bean bush. -Sustaining love over a lifetime. –Rescue & Reset Intensives. -Connected to the vine. –John 15:5 -Exchanging my life for Christ’s. -Abide with Christ. […]

EP//86: Be the Hunter

What does winning a College Football National Championship have to do with winning in marriage? In today’s episode, we discuss going on the offensive when your marriage is being hunted by a very real enemy. -Winning the Natty -Hope you like sports analogies –The Marriage Adventure: Finding Mission for Your Marriage Couples Guide -Aggression –1 […]

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