rescue & reset intensives

No matter what pain you’ve encountered along your Marriage Adventure, God’s heart is to restore and redeem your relationship. We believe that the Word of God is transformative and can heal your Marriage Relationship.

We offer two unique types of Intensives. Our Rescue & Reset Intensives are a private all-inclusive, 3-day Biblically-based experience for married couples.

The RESCUE intensive is for couples enduring a relationship crisis (healing from an affair, unforgiveness, or years of disconnection). Typically, couples who choose the Rescue Intensive feel divorce is close at hand or is the only option.┬áIf you don’t feel like the Rescue Intensive is for you, maybe you need a Reset.

The RESET intensive allows you to debrief a tough season of life and reconnect with your spouse. A couple may need a Reset after a job change, financial recovery, family/job issues, empty nest, etc. Couples will receive care and tangible tools for moving forward in partnership together.

is an intensive right for you?

Maybe you’re unsure whether an intensive is right for you and your spouse. That’s completely ok! Schedule a meeting with us to walk through your situation and see which one (if any) is right for you!
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Topics discussed could include:

  • Wholeness & Holiness in Marriage
  • Grace vs Performance Based Relationship
  • Developing Emotional & Relational Safety
  • The Art of Yielding in Marriage
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Identifying Needs
  • Navigating Seasons of Change & Stress
  • Sexual Connection
  • Reimagining Fun and Adventure in Your Relationship.

PRICE: $3,500 
(Includes: online Marriage Assessment, Lodging, Food, 21 hours of Coaching + an eight week Post Intensive Curriculum and two follow up Counseling Sessions.)  

why an intensive?

Many couples try to commit to long-term weekly marriage counseling to strengthen or salvage their relationship. But success is only possible if both partners are equally committed to attending the sessions and willing to work. With weekly marriage counseling, the start-and-stop of 50-minute sessions can make it challenging to get to the root issues. You come in, unpack the week, go home, and experience more conflict. Then you do it all over again.

An intensive allows you the gift of uninterrupted, focused time that is free from all distractions. It’s also a wonderful time to relax, unplug, and feel pampered while focusing solely on your relationship. We encourage all couples who attend to unplug from life back home, social media, and the outside world.

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