EP// 16: Major League Marriage: Interview with Paul & Kym Byrd

Marriage can be tough in any world! What about in the realm of Pro Baseball? In today’s episode, we interview former MLB pitcher, Paul Byrd, and his wife, Kymberlee. After 25 years of marriage, two children, 19 years in the traveling world of baseball and life in the spotlight as an Atlanta Braves broadcaster for Sports South, the Byrds are still thriving in their marriage. Today they share about their relationship, their faith, and their new ministry!

Discussed in today’s episode:
-How the Byrd’s met
-Colby’s “Lightning Round” with Paul Byrd
-Faith and marriage in the MLB
-Staying connected while apart
Byrdhouse Ministries
-Trauma-focused equine therapy
-Paul Bryd’s book, Free Byrd, available on Amazon

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