EP//63: Navigating Change

Change is HARD…for some people, for other people, they embrace it!  What happens when one spouse loves change, and the other spouse hates change? In today’s episode, we’ll let you in on a little “real life” issue we faced recently when it came to change. We also talk about the lessons we learned.

Discussed in today’s episode:

  • New house, new school, new grocery stores, pharmacy, etc. 
  • We handled the change and transition completely differently.
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  • Communication is king. Both listening and speaking up.
  • Move Through it and give each other grace. Let the other person be themselves (grieve, talk, reflect, etc.)
  • Lean in and work together. It takes both of you combined.
  • God has ordained change in season. But it’s important to know if that season is over or not. Our common ground it that we are both seeking the heart of God. 
  • Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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