EP//72: Staying Connected, Part 1: Friendship

Research has shown that couples who have a great friendship experience a higher percentage overall of marital satisfaction. In today’s episode, Part 1 of 4, we discuss the vital role friendship plays in staying connected to your spouse. 

Discussed in today’s episode:
– “Man’s best friend.”
– It is not good that the man should be alone. Gen. 2:18a
– “Something to Talk About”
– The importance of friendship.
– The protection of friendship.
– Ways to strengthen your friendship.

  • Action Steps:
    Whether it’s five minutes or an hour a day, find some time to connect with your spouse every day this week intentionally.
  • While you’re spending time together this week, take time to talk and ask each other: “Do you feel that our relationship is still a friendship, or have we settled into a business relationship to manage all life has brought our way?”
  • Then ask, “What do we need to start or stop doing to create more margin in our lives to invest time in our friendship?”

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