EP// 121: Marks of a Successful Marriage, Part 1

Do you know of couples who just make marriage look easy? In part 1 of 4 episodes, we begin a discussion on the marks of a successful marriage. Discussed in this episode: – Are happy couples faking it? – Gift a marriage intensive to a couple who needs.  www.themarriageadventure.com/support – Gottman research shows that happy couples […]

EP//119: The Holiday Conversation

Let’s face it. The holiday season can be stressful! In today’s episode, we discuss what makes the stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas so difficult and how to approach it in your marriage.  Discussed in today’s episode: – The Instant Pot Christmas gift. – Life in a pressure cooker. – Americans average  spending almost $1000 on […]

EP//118: The “Get Back” Coach

Most football teams have a person designated to keep the players and coaches off the field during games. In today’s episode, we discuss the importance of having a “get back” coach in your life. In today’s episode: -Kirby Smart’s Get Back Coach –The Art of the Get Back Coach –“Do You Know YourGen Z Slang?” […]

EP//72: Staying Connected, Part 1: Friendship

Research has shown that couples who have a great friendship experience a higher percentage overall of marital satisfaction. In today’s episode, Part 1 of 4, we discuss the vital role friendship plays in staying connected to your spouse.  Discussed in today’s episode: – “Man’s best friend.” – It is not good that the man should […]

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