EP//106: Greg & Julie Gormon Interview

Having discovered their own purpose, they now have a passion to teach and inspire other couples to live purpose-focused, rather than problem-focused. In today’s episode, we interview John Maxwell certified Coaches, teachers, and authors, Greg & Julie Gormon. In today’s episode: -A couple on mission. -Lightning Round with Greg & Julie. -Fighting passionately daily. -Change […]

EP//83: The Invitation, Interview with Bethann Miller & Amy Velarde

Ever wish you had a clear-cut pathway to address some of the issues that cause you to feel disconnected from your spouse? There’s a book for that! In today’s episode, we interview Bethann Miller & Amy Velarde about their new book The Invitation: Keys to Strengthen your Marriage.  Discussed in this episode: – Married to […]

EP//77: The Road to Recovery, Interview with Josh & Kristy Webb

Loving your spouse in health isn’t always easy. But, what if you had to walk with your spouse through a prolonged illness or a devastating trauma? In today’s episode, we talk with Josh and Kristy Webb about their journey together on the road to recovering from a brain tumor. Discussed in today’s episode: – Bonnie’s […]

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