helping married couples Discover a life-giving adventure through jesus Christ.

Marriage is an adventure,
where the journey is the destination. Our desire is to help you and your spouse experience an abundant, life-giving adventure through the power of the indwelling life of Christ. 

Marriages are never static. We are moving in a positive or negative direction. We are more likely to reach a positive destination if we know where we are going. In The Marriage Adventure, Daniel and Bonnie Hoover, offer practical steps in co-operating with God to clarify the purpose and mission of your marriage; thus making your marriage a positive, God honoring adventure.

gary chapman , ph.d.

author of the 5 love languages

About the Marriage adventure

We’re Daniel & Bonnie Hoover, and one of our greatest joys is tackling this Adventure of life, family, and ministry together as intimate friends! After years of walking with couples through their most difficult seasons of marriage, we’ve seen that the enemy has launched an assault on the core of the church… marriages and the family. Our hearts have been broken, and God has given us a massive calling to help couples develop healthy biblical marriages. We pray that you will join us on this journey of the highs, the lows, and everything in between, and you’ll experience marriage as the Adventure God has designed it to be.


podcast & Blog

You can subscribe to our podcast or our blog to listen & read as we discuss topics that affect every marriage. We’ll also learn as we interview experts and authors who have impacted us on our journey.

the challenge

Take the challenge! 52 Adventures in 52 Weeks. What does this look like? We believe it’s daring to intentionally make time to have fun with the person you signed up to do this crazy life with. Some people call it a date night. When it’s 52 adventures together in 52 weeks, we call it a challenge!

have a marriage on mission

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how we help your marriage

Marriage intensives

Our RESCUE & RESET Intensives are  all-inclusive, 3-day Biblically-based private counseling experiences for married couples. 

Private retreats

Our private MARRIAGE RETREATS are just that…private! You and your spouse will spend three days alone at our quiet farm retreat in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.

workshops & Retreats

No marriage thrives without intentionality and work. Throughout the year, we’ll offer retreats & workshops for engaged and married couples to help enrich your relationship.  We can also bring an event to your church!

relax & refresh

The Little White Barn REtreat

Located in the small farming community of Rydal, GA, the Little White Barn is our destination for all intensives, retreats, and workshops. You will enjoy a quiet country oasis on this 10-acre hobby farm.

Meet the founders

daniel & bonnie hoover

Bonnie has a BA in Psychology, and Daniel holds a Masters’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling.   

Daniel served on staff at NorthStar Church in Kennesaw, GA, for nearly 20 years as Worship Pastor and, more recently, Executive Pastor. In January 2023, he came on staff full-time with The Marriage Adventure. Daniel is a Pastoral Counselor who meets with couples daily to work through issues such as infidelity, infertility, communication, conflict resolution, poor financial management, parenting, etc. Daniel & Bonnie are certified Prepare/Enrich facilitators & trainers. Together, they lead premarital workshops for couples preparing to be married and intensive workshops for married couples.

Daniel & Bonnie host The Marriage Adventure Podcast, where they discuss many topics couples encounter on their marriage journey. They also interview married couples ranging from authors and celebrities to pastors and their wives to everyday couples who have endured extraordinary circumstances.

Daniel & Bonnie have two children, Josie & Colby. They also authored the book, The Marriage Adventure: Discovering Mission for Your Marriage and the companion couples guide and online study.

real stories from real couples

Couple Testmonials

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