Video Games & Cute Boutiques

“Honestly, we just don’t have any similar interests. He likes to play video games and I like to go shopping at boutiques.” This a statement I’ve heard many times from couples. Whether it’s fantasy football, video games, or hunting… men find things to do in their cave!  Typically, men don’t enjoy shopping at cute boutiques […]

EP// 4: Friendship, Part 1

Friendship in marriage is one of the most important aspects of having a healthy, vibrant relationship. How do you do this? In this first of two episodes, we’ll discuss 3 things that are vital to establishing a strong friendship with your spouse. Discussed on today’s episode: The importance of Friendship in marriage Time together is […]

#1 Rule in Conflict

As most mornings, we were in a crazy rush trying to get everything together to leave for school.  “Colby, get your shoes on.”   “I can’t find them!” Colby said.  If you have kids, you know that they are notorious for losing shoes because they never put them where they are supposed to go when they […]

EP// 3: #1 Rule in Conflict

In the midst of conflict, it’s fairly normal to become blinded by all the things our spouse has done to offend us. In this episode we discuss one simple rule in handling conflict. Discussed on today’s episode: #wafflehouse The log in your own eye. The Marriage Adventure Challenge. Playing the blame game. The 90/10 rule. […]

The Problem with Your Marriage

A few years into his marriage, a young pastor just finishing seminary was about to take a pastorate at a small church. However, there was one major problem, his marriage was in trouble. “How can I preach hope to people as a pastor, and I can’t even make my own marriage work?” As he cried […]

EP// 2: Interview with Dr. Gary Chapman

Today’s podcast features special guest Dr. Gary Chapman, Senior Associate Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC, and the author of the New York Times bestseller, The 5 Love Languages. Dr. Chapman shares how The 5 Love Languages came to be and we talk with him about his newest book, The DIY Guide to […]

EP// 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Marriage Adventure! We’re your hosts, Daniel and Bonnie Hoover. Twenty-three and a half years and two children into our ministry and marriage adventure together, we want to invite you to come along with us on your journey. In this episode we tell you who we are and why […]

Brokenhearted and Ticked Off!

A few years ago, Bonnie and I were asked to go to breakfast with a couple from our church. We knew them, but not well. What we did know of them was that they were really amazing people. These people love God and love others.  When we got to breakfast we had the typical small […]

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