EP//48: Interview with Brian & Connie Doyle

After helping the New York Yankees win the 1978 World Series, Brian Doyle went on to help establish one of the nation’s premier baseball schools, overcome cancer, and travel the world as a missionary teaching baseball and sharing the gospel. However, his greatest joy has come through being the husband to his wife Connie. In […]

Thankful Hearts

In September 1620, 102 passengers left Plymouth, England, on a small ship called the Mayflower. They endured 66 days at sea in the tiny vessel that they dreamed would carry them to a better life of land ownership and religious freedom. They reached the tip of Cape Cod, then crossed the Massachusetts Bay a month […]

EP//47: Giving Thanks in 2020

With so much loss and so many unmet expectations in this crazy year, how do we give thanks in 2020? In today’s episode, a very special 11 and 9 old join us to talk about it. Discussed in today’s episode: – The first Thanksgiving. – Why we should still be thankful. – Our Thankful Tree. […]


LIFE. Life is a word that holds different meanings. For most people, it simply means that you have breath in your lungs and you are still on this rock orbiting the sun.  Believe me, that is a good thing! However, life has other connotations as well. It also means that you have stuff going on. […]

EP//46: Too Much Life

Marriage, family, friends, job, career, church, hobbies, school, extracurricular activities… don’t all of these things equal “the American dream?” Some of us are trying to fit 4 pounds of life in a 2-pound bag and it’s killing our marriage and family. In today’s episode, we discuss the pitfalls and remedies for “too much life.” Discussed […]

Lucas & Maggie Black: Movie Star Marriage

Lucas & Maggie Black: Movie Star Marriage Most of our blog posts are directly tied to the topic we discuss in our weekly podcast. This week we released an interview two felt was so powerful that recapping it or drawing one or two points out of it wouldn’t do it justice. If you have the […]

EP//45: Lucas & Maggie Black

You may recognize Lucas Black from his roles in NCIS: New Orleans, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Sling Blade, and 42. But you may not know that more than an actor, he’s a family man who is very outspoken about his relationship with Christ. In today’s episode, we talk with Lucas and his […]

“Marriage Shouldn’t Be That Hard”

“Life’s too short to stay with such a difficult person. Marriage shouldn’t be that hard.” We sat in shock as someone relayed the advice she had received from a marriage counselor. Maybe the counselor has been watching too many Hallmark movies! Where else would he have gotten the idea that marriage should be easy? What […]

EP//44: Marriage Myth #3: Marriage Should Be Easy

If we are married to the right person, won’t life just fall into place? If we believe this marriage myth we will want to bail out when problems arise and storms hit. In today’s episode, we debunk the marriage myth that “marriage should just be easy.”  Discussed in today’s episode: – Hallmark movies and the […]

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