EP//62: The Ideal Team Player, Part 2

How can being “Humble, Hungry, and Smart” lead to a better relationship? In part two of two episodes, we discuss how having a hunger to invest in your marriage and being smart in how you relate to your spouse can strengthen your relationship. Discussed in today’s episode: -Hungry all the time. -Seriously Funny Dad Jokes […]

EP//61: The Ideal Team Player, Part 1

To be an ideal team player that an organization will value, Patrick Lencioni says you need to possess three virtues outlined in his book, Ideal Team Player. Can these help you work better with your spouse if you have them? In part one of two episodes, we dig into the first virtue and how it […]

Give Away, Throw Away, and Save

Give Away, Throw Away, and Save By Bonnie Hoover I was recently sorting through a bunch of old stuff, getting ready to make a move from one house to another. I am not a packrat, by any stretch of the imagination. If I haven’t used something in over two years, chances are I don’t need […]

EP//60: Interview with Kevin & Marcia Myers: The Second Happy

Can an unhappy marriage really get back to being happy? Can it be truly and authentically happy–even better than it was at first? In today’s episode, we interview Kevin & Marcia Meyers about their new book, The Second Happy: Seven Practice to Make Your Marriage Better Than Your Honeymoon. Kevin is the Pastor of 12Stone […]

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