EP//117: Digitally Distracted Marriage

We live in an age of an exponential explosion of technology. Today, we’re discussing how it distracts us from relationships and what we can do about it. Discussed in today’s episode: -All things fall and football! –80% agree that technoference is a societal problem. -62% agree it’s a problem in their family. –Marriage Adventure Private […]

EP// 99: Loving Through Touch

Does your spouse want to hold hands in public, sit close, and cuddle on the couch? Their love language is likely physical touch. In today’s episode, we discuss how to speak love through touch. In today’s episode: – Colby needs a bigger chair. – The Marriage Adventure Challenge – Loving through physical touch. – Jesus […]

EP//88: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is typically marked by cards, flowers, candy, and date night. In today’s episode, we discuss other ways you and your spouse may prefer to express your love for each other. In today’s episode: -Valentine’s fun facts. -Why Bonnie’s not a fan of Valentine’s Day. -We all show and feel love differently. –The 5 […]

EP//83: The Invitation, Interview with Bethann Miller & Amy Velarde

Ever wish you had a clear-cut pathway to address some of the issues that cause you to feel disconnected from your spouse? There’s a book for that! In today’s episode, we interview Bethann Miller & Amy Velarde about their new book The Invitation: Keys to Strengthen your Marriage.  Discussed in this episode: – Married to […]

EP//74: Staying Connected, Part 3: Physical

A healthy friendship and emotional intimacy create a foundational bond for an even deeper connection in marriage- sex! In today’s episode, part 3 of 4, we discuss physically staying connected to our spouse. Discussed in today’s episode: – Married Sex by Gary Thomas – Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together, Mark […]

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