EP//114: How To Change My Spouse

Where do we start when we see our spouse is not living as their best self and affecting our marriage, children, and the people around them? In today’s episode, we discuss the power of prayer to change our spouse’s heart. Discussed in today’s episode: – Things I want to change about my spouse. – Get […]

EP//101: Loving Through Quality Time

Does your spouse need undivided attention to feel like you’re connected? In today’s episode, we wrap up our series on the 5 Love Languages by discussing Quality Time. In today’s episode: -Love Languages by State. -Defining “quality time.” -Understanding “south GA” accents. -Jesus modeled Quality Time. –Luke 5:16 –Mark 1:35 -Establish eye contact. -Be interested […]

EP//98: Loving Through Gifts

Can a thoughtful gift really express love to your spouse? In today’s episode, we discuss practical ways to speak the “love language” of gifts.  Discussed in today’s episode: – A stop at Daniel’s parents’ house for Easter. – Bonnie’s hard to buy for. – It’s the thought that counts. – A thoughtful gift shows you […]

EP//97: Loving Through Service

If your spouse feels loved when you vacuum the floors, their love language may be Acts of Service. In today’s episode, we discuss practical ways you show your spouse love as you serve them. In today’s episode: – A garden fence and a windmill. – Acts of service – “Seriously Funny Dad Jokes” – Actions […]

EP//96: Loving Through Words

Words can build up or cut to the quick. In today’s episode, we discuss how to encourage a spouse whose primary love language is words of affirmation. Discussed in today’s episode: – Daniel’s 50th birthday! – The Braves are back. – The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman – Words of affirmation. – Do […]

EP//95: Loving Like Jesus

Jesus went to extremes to make His love known for us. In today’s episode, we discuss what it could look  like if we love each other like Jesus loved us. Discussed in today’s episode: – Dogwood trees. – Passion week. – Premarital Workshop April 22, 2023. Register at: http://www.northstarchurch.org/premarital – Jesus went to great lengths […]

EP//88: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is typically marked by cards, flowers, candy, and date night. In today’s episode, we discuss other ways you and your spouse may prefer to express your love for each other. In today’s episode: -Valentine’s fun facts. -Why Bonnie’s not a fan of Valentine’s Day. -We all show and feel love differently. –The 5 […]

EP//76: In Sickness and In Health

Marriage vows are a blind covenant two people make to weather the highs and lows of the rest of their lives together. In today’s episode, we discuss caring for each other when sickness or tragedy steals one spouse’s health. Discussed in this episode: – Accident on a Zero Turn mower – Marriage is a blind […]

EP//75: Staying Connected, Part 4: Love

Can I really trust my heart when it comes to love? Today, we wrap up a 4 part series as we talk about the source of genuine connection with our spouse, love.  Discussed in today’s episode: – “Love is love.” – The heart is deceitful. – Jeremiah 17:9 – “Seriously Funny Dad Jokes” – 1 […]

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