Marriage Maintenance

My (Daniel’s) parents recently came for a visit, and we helped them drive from the Northside of Atlanta down past the traffic south of the perimeter. Before we got on the road, we gassed up their van, put air in the tires, and ran it through a car wash. This got me thinking about the […]

EP// 8: Marriage Maintenance

Episode# Marriage Maintenance  We talk a lot about the highs and lows of marriage. But on today’s episode we discuss 3 tips to maintain a great marriage during the “in between.”    Discussed on today’s episode: -Like our automobiles, marriage requires routine maintenance. -Seriously Funny Dad Jokes -Marriage requires time, talk, and touch. –The Marriage Adventure […]

Preparing for the Empty Nest

When we started out on this Marriage Adventure, as twenty-three and twenty-one-year-old college students, it was just the two of us. We were ready to take on the world and enjoy the journey together. The Lord had plans for us to remain a family of two for the first thirteen years of our marriage. During […]

And Then There Were Two… Again

“For the first few months…there was a hole. There was an empty chair at the dinner table. But, after a few months, we began to get our feet under us and find a new normal.” Mike Linch, Senior Pastor at our home church, NorthStar Church, and his wife Anne recently shared their hearts with us […]

EP// 6: Interview with Mike & Anne Linch (Part 1)- The Empty Nest

As parents, we spend eighteen plus years investing our hearts, faith, and life lessons in our children, all to prepare them to leave us! In Part 1 of 2 episodes, today, we talk with special guests, Mike and Anne Linch, about marriage and the “empty nest.” Mike is the Senior Pastor at NorthStar Church in […]

This is My BEST Friend

“He said he’s not my best friend anymore,” Colby related the workthrough tears as he got in the car after school.  My (Bonnie here) heart went out to my little guy as he shared with me how his best buddy had stomped off to play with someone else during recess when Colby wouldn’t go along with […]

EP// 5: Friendship, Part 2

This is part two of two episodes in which we discuss the importance of friendship in marriage. Discussed on today’s episode: -The “man cold.” -“Seriously Funny Dad Jokes” -Are we BEST friends? -Exclusivity. -Safety to be ourselves. -Join The Marriage Adventure Challenge. Join The Marriage Adventure Challenge at Follow us on social: Facebook: @themarriageadventure Instagram: […]

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