If You Were Quarantined on a Desert Island…

I (Bonnie) am writing this post from my living room with two elementary-aged- children interrupting every five minutes. That can only mean one thing. Quarantine. Even though we are trying to get dressed and follow a schedule, the days seem to run together. One day we are doing well, checking all the boxes and embracing […]

EP// 17- Quarantine Connection

Just because we are quarantined with someone doesn’t mean we are connecting with them. Today we discuss three ways to meaningfully connect with our spouse while we have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  Discussed in today’s episode: – Quarantine Puppy – Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl – Emotional connection – […]

Winning at Marriage

We recently had the privilege of meeting a Major League Baseball pitcher, best-selling author, and Emmy award-winning Atlanta Braves broadcaster for Fox Sports South. We got to visit with Paul Byrd and his wife, Kym at their farm, The Byrdhouse Ministries, and interview them on The Marriage Adventure podcast. In a profession that has a […]

EP// 16: Major League Marriage: Interview with Paul & Kym Byrd

Marriage can be tough in any world! What about in the realm of Pro Baseball? In today’s episode, we interview former MLB pitcher, Paul Byrd, and his wife, Kymberlee. After 25 years of marriage, two children, 19 years in the traveling world of baseball and life in the spotlight as an Atlanta Braves broadcaster for […]

Living with a Mission

A few years back, our church went through a rebranding of sorts. I (Daniel) helped lead our pastor and team in developing a new mission/vision statement, along with core values. It was such a unifying thing for our entire church, especially our staff. However, I realized something through the process. Many of us give 40 […]

EP// 15- Family Mission

Today we talk about something that we might not typically tend to associate with our marriage or family, and that’s the importance of having a family mission or purpose. Discussed in today’s episode: -Our date day. -What a family looks like if they don’t have a mission. -The difference between a mission and a purpose […]

Intentional (Im)balance

 After spending the first nineteen years of our marriage working together in ministry, I (Bonnie) felt caught in a vicious tug of war match between my job at the church and my family at home. Though I was only working fifteen hours per week, most of them were at home on my laptop. The work […]

EP// 14:(Im)balancing Home and Work

Many couples struggle to keep their relationship between home and work in balance. Today we’ll talk about different ways this might play out and how to navigate them. Discussed in today’s episode: -Parent/teacher conference week. -The law of compounding interest. -“Things I Never Said Before I Had Kids…” -Is your occupation also your preoccupation? -What […]

Speak Life

Have you ever had one of those days or weeks when everyone in your home was in a rotten mood? A couple of weeks ago, I (Bonnie) became frustrated with the way our children were talking to each other. They are the typical eight and ten-year-old siblings. Still, the tone behind every conversation had turned […]

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