Married Sex

“I’ll make it worth his while when I get home from my girl’s night out.” “I cleaned the house, so I’ll be getting some tonight!” “It wouldn’t bother me if we never had sex again.” “Okay, let’s just get it over with.” These are exact phrases we have heard from couples about their sexual relationships. […]

EP//39: Unselfish Sex (Part 3/3)

As we’ve seen in previous episodes, the devil’s goal is to take the gift of sex that God created to be a blessing to the married couple, and twist it until it’s perverted and self-serving. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about specific instructions God gave about sex and ways we are selfish lovers. Discussed in […]

Catch the Little Foxes

Catch the Little Foxes Every night we walk through the same routine at bedtime. We say prayers and tuck the kids in bed. Then, I (Bonnie) head to our room to take a bath, take off makeup, and get on my pajamas. But Daniel’s ritual involves keeping our family safe. After getting coffee ready for […]

EP//38: Safeguarding Sex (Part 2/3)

Do you put locks on the doors of your home? Do you lock your car? Why then are we so casual in protecting our sexual relationship with our spouse? In today’s episode, we’ll discuss ways you can safeguard your sexual relationship with each other and protect the precious gift God gave you. Discussed in today’s […]

Sex… God’s Idea

Sex… God’s Idea “Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, ‘This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman, for she was taken out of man.’ That […]

EP//37: Sex by Design (Part 1/3)

Whatever God creates for good, the enemy takes it and twists it, making it selfish and perverted.  This is a great picture of what he’s done to sex. God created an amazing way for husbands and wives to connect and share themselves. In today’s episode, we journey back to the Garden of Eden to take […]

Can I Have Friends of the Opposite Sex?

Can I Have Friends of the Opposite Sex? Having spent our entire marriage in ministry together, it’s been natural to have boundaries with people of the opposite sex. We spent our first eight years traveling from church to church in a motorhome, so we were virtually never away from each other. When we came off […]

EP//36: Opposite-Sex Friendships

Jobs and hobbies often force us to spend time with people of the opposite sex. In today’s episode, we discuss whether or not friendships with the opposite sex are healthy for our marriage. Discussed in today’s episode: – The Billy Graham Rule. – “Lightning Round” with Daniel. – The “slow fade.” – “Don’t you trust […]

5 Things Newlyweds Can Teach Us

5 Things Newlyweds Can Teach Us These days our alarm goes off around 6:00 a.m. We rush around to get everyone up and dressed, fed, teeth brushed, lunches packed, and race out the door to get to school. We go in different directions, send texts midday to coordinate after school schedules. We eat a quick […]

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