Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond By Bonnie Hoover The kids had gone to bed, and I was making one last sweep of the kitchen to ensure it was all tidied up before ending my day. It only took a few extra minutes, so I went ahead and got the coffee ready for one touch of a button […]

Made for More

Made for More By Bonnie Hoover Wake up, work out, eat breakfast, drop the kids off at school, head to work, pick up the kids, oversee homework, eat dinner in the car, dance, and baseball practice, and head home for showers and bed. Sleep, wake up, repeat. Do you ever feel like your life is […]

Making Room for Growth

Making Room for Growth By Bonnie Hoover One sunny afternoon in February, just as tiny buds were beginning to swell on the branches, I spent several hours meticulously cutting back growth from my peach trees. I clipped the water sprouts and the hundreds of small shoots crowning the top of the trees. I cut out […]

Spring is Coming!

Spring is Coming! By Bonnie Hoover Cold, rainy winter days feel like a wet blanket on my soul, and it’s been raining where we are for three months straight. Seattle folks might scoff at the plight of this south Georgia girl, but the dreariness is real. Two weeks ago, for the first time in a […]

Tricky Transition

Tricky Transition by Bonnie Hoover “I don’t feel like I’m losing a daughter but gaining a son.” We often hear this lovely sentiment from the bride’s parents as they speak fondly of their future son-in-law. With all the excitement and joy surrounding an upcoming wedding, knowing your new spouse will fit in with your family […]

This is Love

This is Love By Bonnie Hoover “I never knew what real love was until I looked in the face of my newborn baby.” Have you ever heard someone say this about their child? Maybe you’ve said it yourself. What a funny thing to say about a person who has barely drawn air for a full […]

Beyond Expectations

Beyond Expectations By Bonnie Hoover Typically I wouldn’t say I like surprises. You see, I’m a planner and don’t enjoy things being sprung on me at the last minute. However, I have come to love birthday surprises when my hubby is planning them! Daniel is the king of planning and keeping fun secrets on special […]

Good Fences

Good Fences Early in our marriage, I felt something was missing. It wasn’t money, a big house, or children, though we didn’t have those either. No, it was something a bit more straightforward. I wanted a puppy. After much begging, Daniel finally agreed to get me a miniature dachshund, and we named her Maggie. I […]

Sounding the Alarm

Sounding the Alarm “It doesn’t even seem sporting. I pretty much sit on the porch and pick the deer off from there. It’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel,” he said. I remember the previous owner’s words to us from across the table at our house closing. I sat in silence, staring across our […]

Give Away, Throw Away, and Save

Give Away, Throw Away, and Save By Bonnie Hoover I was recently sorting through a bunch of old stuff, getting ready to make a move from one house to another. I am not a packrat, by any stretch of the imagination. If I haven’t used something in over two years, chances are I don’t need […]

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